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In this episode, Dan is joined by Cameron Fuller, Daniele Grandini and Stanislav Zhelyazkov (AKA the Brains Trust) to discuss Azure Operational Insights, Microsoft's new cloud based Log Management, Capacity Planning, Change Tracking and Update ASsessment tool (among other things).

Join us as we give you an overview of this new service and discuss how it enhances and extends the capabilities of you on-prem SCOM environment.

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In this episode, Dan and Pete are joined by Cameron Fuller and Lee Berg to discuss the furute of System Center.

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Happy 2015 everyone! Dan and Pete are back and in this episode we discover that Pete has moved to Cireson, Dan may have jumped the gun on questioning System Center content at ignite and much much more.

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In this epsiode, Dan and Pete discuss the recently announced and launched Windows 10 Technical Preview. What hasn't got a lot of media was that Microsoft also announced the Tech Preview for Server and System Center (which we also discuss in this epsiode).

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In this (long overdue) episode, Dan and Marc pick up from where they left off. If you've been following along at home you'll know that we're now up to the good part... installing all our WAP components. That's exactly what we discuss in this episode.

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In this episode, Dan and Pete discuss (what little information there is about) the newly announced Micrsoft Unified Conference. They also start a journey into the seedy world of DevOps!

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In this episode, Dan and Marc cover one of the most important aspects of the WAP implementation... the Prerequisites.

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Dan and Marc are back for epsiode 2 of WAP Wrap. In this episode they take a high level look at designing, planning and implementing WAP.

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Come friends and gathered around. Sit with me a listen to the Nostradamus-esque predictions on Mr Pete Zerger!

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As TechEd North America 2014 comes to a close, Dan is joined by ChBooth, Pete, Cameron, Kevin and Mike to wrap up the conference. We compare the TechEd content to what we might normally expect from MMS and wrap up some of the other important announcements.

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