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Integration between Orchestrator 2012 and other System Center 2012 Products

Problems with PowerShell on 64-bit Action Server

Are you looking to integrate with one of the other System Center products that use the 64 bit PShell snap-in (while Opalis uses the 32 bit). Also some more info here:


THe Hard Way



The Easy Way
OIS - Integration Pack for PowerShell Script Execution 1.00


Opalis / Orchestrator Fundamentals

You can read the articles in the series at the link below

·         Opalis Runbook Automation Fundamentals (Part 1) (basics)

·         Opalis Runbook Automation Fundamentals (Part 2) (advanced concepts)

·         Opalis Runbook Automation Fundamentals (Part 3) ( advanced concepts, bridging gaps and extending capabilities )


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