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Configuring SharePoint 2010 Monitoring in OM 2007 R2

A 4-point strategy will ensure you get this MP configured correctly the first time:

  1.  Configure Run As Accounts for each farm you wish to monitor
  2. Make sure your Run As Account has the necessary permissions for the discovery and monitoring
  3. Update the SharePointMP.config with farm-specific info (That file contains a section called Associations.  It is this section that should be adjusted for multiple farm support). You can also control SPS components monitored from this file - see the SharePoint 2010 MP Guide for instructions
  4. Make sure the configured version of this file is present on your RMS (both active and passive nodes if RMS is clustered) before you attempt discovery.

Based on from "SharePoint MP config less than clear"

Config Walkthrough


Tips for Using the SharePoint 2010 MP.


Service Monitoring


SharePoint 2010 Products Management Pack for System Center Operations Manager 2007
Sharepoint databases are not getting monitored including config database

Supporting multiple farms with SharePoint 2010 management pack

"how can I monitor multiple farms with the SharePoint 2010 management pack" comes up.  The guide says that the MP only supports one farm - but there is a

straightforward way to help the MP manage multiple farms.
A file named SharePointMP.config is used to configure the behavior of the SharePoint 2010 management pack.  This file should be on all RMS roles in the given

management group Icluster case).
The challenge with monitoring multiple farms is due to the need to have farm administrator permission to do the discovery and monitoring that is used to monitor

SharePoint 2010.  The typical configuration for a single farm has the SCOM admin assuming that the run-as profile is involved and directly manipulating this is a

complex operation for multiple farms.
The config file and configuration task included in the MP comes to the rescue here.

That file contains a section called Associations.  It is this section that should be adjusted for multiple farm support.

<Association Account="Contoso - SharePoint Farm administrator -3" Type="Agent">
    <Machine Name="NT10" />
    <Machine Name="NT11" />
    <Machine Name="NT12" />
    <Machine Name="NT13" />
    <Machine Name="NT14" />
    <Machine Name="NT15" />
  <Association Account="Contoso - SharePoint 2010 Farm Administrator 2" Type="Agent">
    <Machine Name="NT64" />
    <Machine Name="NT65" />
    <Machine Name="NT66" />
  <Association Account="Contoso - SharePoint 2010 Farm Administrator" Type="Agent">
    <Machine Name="NT77" />
    <Machine Name="NT75" />
    <Machine Name="NT76" />
After adjusting the SharePoint configuration file, run the configuration task that is included in the management pack per the instructions found in the guide.

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