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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone! Dan and Pete return after another absence to discuss some of the new features available in Service Pack 1 for System Center 2012.

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In this episode Dan does his best to insult the good people of Texas and the Carolina's. Pete and Dan also discuss the recent release of Microsoft Surface RT, the fact that Dan has bought one (but not yet received it) and that Pete is waiting for Surface Pro. We also talk about Windows 8, namely that for a limited time, you can get Media Center for Windows 8 PRO for free. Other topics included app management with InTune and Pete's productivity workflow using his iPad

Here's a few links to some of the articles discussed during the podcast:

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In this episode, Dan and Pete talk about User-Centric & Self service Application Delivery with System Center 2012. They also briefly touch on the Corporate App Store, and Pete's yet to be released eBook, 101 WIndows 8 Tips and Tricks.

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With some great announcements from Microsoft this week, Dan and Pete spend some time reviewing System Center SP1 and specifically some of the new functionality of SCOM SP1. We also get to hear Pete's take on Windows 8 for the enterprise.

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2 in quick succuession, just to make up for lost time. In this episode Dan is joined by Jason Sandys to talk ConfigMgr SP1 and Windows 8.

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WE'RE BACK! We are introducing a new podcast topic that we will be expanding on in future episodes... we're calling it PowerShell Putty: How to plug gaps in System Center. In this, the first PowerShell Putty Pete and Dan discuss scenarios where PowerShellcan be used to complete administrative tasks that would otherwise be a manual process.

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They're back after an extended break to allow Pete and Dan time to recover from MMS! This week, Pete and Dan discuss techniques to simplify and streamline CMDB population, and the MCSE is back (albeit in a different format)!

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As MMS draws to a close, we are finally able to pull together some of the all stars from this years MMS.

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With MMS only hours away, Dan and Pete are joined by SCC co-founder and OpsMgr MVP Rory McCaw to discuss techniques for making the most of MMS 2012. With all 3 sitting around the kitchen table, Pete unleashes his inner wiseguy!

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In the lead up to MMS 2012, Dan is joined by DPM MVP Mike Resseler to discuss some of the new features you can expect to see in DPM 2012.

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